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~  New Edition of Democracy Defined: The Manifesto  ~

ISBN 9781902848280

"The Handbook for every person on the planet explaining true Law and Democracy."
KENNETH JOHNS, Amazon reviewer.

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...then you are very naughty. If you are interested in the British Constitution and Common Law, then you should buy a copy of this book - and we're assuming that you are interested because otherwise you wouldn't be here.

New Edition Details:

Kenn and Astra have informed us that there is a lot of new material in the new edition. Specifically, there is a new addendum, commentary, Notes, Index and Bibliography with Anecdotes. This is obviously important; Kenn has added the tools to allow us to make references quickly and to provide the sources more easily giving our referencing of this material greater gravitas.

Please, please, get yourself a copy. It is the best way of becoming familiar with this most important subject.

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The Democracy Defined Educational Campaign for the

Restoration of the Constitutional Rule of Law

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  1. Rule of Law: Learn about Equity. The 1215 Great Charter explicitly removes “immunity from prosecution” from those who form or work for our administration (‘government’), rendering them equally liable to be arraigned cost-free by single or multiple private plaintiffs at Trial by Jury, for their Crimes
  2. Sovereignty and Annulment by Jury: The hidden magic mechanism - judging the justice of the law itself
  3. The Eternal Criterion of Justice: The justice and enforcement of laws are judged by ordinary people as randomly selected jurors in Trial by Jury; not by judges and the employees of government
  4. Liberty, Equal Justice and the Power to Punish: Magna Carta Articles 20, 21 & 39 - the Jurors have all duty and power. The power to punish is removed from government and justices and given to the people through Trial by Jury
  5. No Personal Taxation - The Constitution's Fiscal Measures (Articles 10 & 11): The Common Law forbids crimes of Usury (taxation to repay interest/capital to private banks), Fractional Reserve lending and more. Common Law requires the issuance of interest-free currency from the Treasury