Universal Moral Law

Society begins with its people. Human beings are real and living. They are born free. It is individual human beings that have the energy and creativity to conceive of ideas and make them happen. That is and has to be the starting point. There is a divine spark to a human being for this reason - he has the power of creativity.

Human beings, even in the absence of a government, are always subject to a system of law that is written into the universe - called Natural Law. That system is a naturally-occurring law that cannot be escaped, regardless of belief or opinion. In some cultures it is thought of as 'Karma'. It functions on a system of consequences that will occur when certain behaviour is engaged in. You will always get 'effects' of your thoughts and actions coming back at you in some form or another.

That is how the universe at a fundamental level delivers its own judgement. But humans have freewill; freedom to live inside or outside the boundaries of Natural Law. Living within these boundaries will cause you to be supported by its dynamics and you will live in abundance. Choosing to live outside these boundaries will cause us to live contrary to its dynamics. Doing this will cause one to experience difficulty and negativity through the effects it returns. One can break natural law but not without negative consequences at some point, and those consequences are rarely delivered back to us immediately, making the Natural Law hard to read and follow.