Natural Law

Natural Law, as a subject, is deeply hidden or occulted - very deliberately. It is the hiding of this material that gives those in control an advantage over the 99%. Understanding at a deep level the subtleties of human emotions, motivations and relationships can give you more than an edge when in control. That is why it is so critical that we, the 99%, shed our naivety and begin to learn about how we are being played.

The subject of Natural Law has been debated for centuries by many key philosophers, not least, the Greek philosophers and then Thomas Aquinas, John Locke and a whole crop of more recent writers on the subject.

Thomas Aquinas

John Locke

Two of the most important contemporary thinkers on this subject are Larken Rose and Mark Passio who both have excellent short and long videos on the internet which you should certainly look for and watch if you wish to get into this subject further.

Larken Rose

Mark Passio

Natural Law is really a hard-wired morality. The human ego has a hard time with absolutes. This is anathema to moral relativists - those to whom morality is subjective (which most people are). Moral relativism is a key attribute of satanism: something they are trying to propagate to the rest of society.

Natural Law works at the individual level and at the level of the collective (society). This is one of the fundamental principles of Natural Law: the micro and the macro are a reflection of each other. The Universe operates as a hologram - each small part will contain the essence of the whole. 'Know thyself and know the Universe'. So you can learn about the universe by looking inwardly. 

This means that we will receive effects of our own personal actions - but so will we at a macro level, too. Society as a whole will (and is) receiving the effects of its living outside the boundaries of the universe's in-built morality through generations past. This is the Natural Law principle of Correspondence.