Rule of Law Campaign - Big Push for 2017

  • Posted on: 23 December 2016
  • By: Justin

BCG Rule of Law Campaign - Big Push in 2017

To all members and supporters of the British Constitution Group

Dear friends,

What have we actually achieved in 2016?  Answer – a huge amount!

Our country is now under attack like never before by the global financial and corporate elite with their insidious process of globalisation.  As the UK Column ( exposes almost on a daily basis, our nation’s sovereignty and ability to defend itself, not to mention our fiscal and societal well-being, are being deliberately distressed whilst an Orwellian control system - a police state that harnesses and utilises advanced surveillance and ‘smart’ technologies - is being unlawfully assembled before our eyes and put into place by a treasonous political class which blatantly serves the interests of the City of London and the global financiers rather than us, the people.  It’s now up to all of us who have connected the proverbial dots and who have smelt the proverbial coffee to now redouble our efforts in 2017 to expose and arrest this criminal process!

On the last day in July of this year, over a hundred BCG supporters and activists gathered in Nottingham and unanimously endorsed the new campaigning epithet ‘The Rule of Law’ to unite all the different groups who are campaigning to expose and arrest this process of globalisation.  Then, on November 19th in Winchester, the ancient capital of Alfred the Great, known also as the Lawgiver, around 500 people came together to unanimously endorse the Winchester Declaration  (see text below) – a very public line in the sand has been drawn from which we will not retreat but will advance (

Our elected servants in Parliament are being served notice.  The BCG’s new Rule of Law campaign will flush out those who treasonously serve the globalists' agenda in the corridors of power by challenging them with the Restoration Amendment).  If an MP cannot wholeheartedly and publicly endorse the common sense and veracity of this detailed document (written by our friend and ally Kenn D'Oudney from the Democracy Defined Restoration Campaign) that simply requires the full and immediate restoration of our Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution (and which, most importantly, confirms the absolute right of a randomly selected jury to annul unjust legalisation passed by Parliament – the people’s ultimate defence against political tyranny), along with the immediate restoration of Sovereign National Credit by the bringing back of the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound, then we will know that that particular MP is working on behalf of the corporate and fina ncial gl obalists and not for his or her electorate's best interests.  And when this reluctance to embrace the proven truth is exposed, then that particular MP will find himself or herself facing not only a backlash from the electorate but also possibly from the due process of law, the Common Law, as the charge of Malfeasance in Public Office may be considered appropriate. The gloves are coming off against those who are elected to serve our best interests but who persist in serving the interests of others.        

And let’s get one thing absolutely straight - we are not rebels, we are restorers……restoring our God-given inalienable rights that no man or woman can take away from us!  And where Parliament is concerned, with its unlawful corporate and statute micro-management of our lives, let me share this wonderful quote I found a few days ago by Roman commentator and historian, Publius Cornelius Tacitus (AD 56 - AD 117) who said "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws".  How true, how true!

At the risk of repeating myself, Parliament today would appear to be nothing more than a cesspit made up of political parties which, in turn, are made up of, and led by, self-serving and ambitious politicians who work for the City of London and the elite debt-creating financiers and their enslavement system of globalisation rather than for the best interests and total well-being of their electorates.  Like the mythical Augean Stables, the whole rotten edifice, known as the ‘Westminster Bubble’, stinks and needs flushing out with the undeniable truth, common sense, common decency and, above all, the Common Law, the Law of the Land. We need to see ourselves in the BCG Rule of Law campaign as the modern day equivalent to Hercules!

And Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, who both appear to be thoroughly decent and honourable people on the surface but who presently will not go where the provable truth is (despite the fact that they both signed Early Day Motion 748 in 2013 calling for the immediate restoration of the debt-free, interest-free Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound but who, now they no longer enjoy the relative anonymity of the back benches, steadfastly refuse to go public on Sovereign National Credit) must be openly, but politely challenged without delay – the country and the British people are suffering far too much to allow such inaction to delay the restoration of a proven and historical solution for dealing with austerity and corporate tyranny whilst at the same time effectively collapsing the financial global elite’s house of cards.

As the so-called 'Brexit' debate and process are starting to show us all too clearly, we currently have a system of unlawful and corrupt governance that is hell bent on imposing and maintaining an alien and corporate tyranny on all of us.  In 17th century Britain, the people suffered from having monarchs who believed passionately in the Divine Right of Kings.  Today, in Parliament, we now have politicians who sincerely believe that they too have a divine right to rule over us.  This is, to use a wonderfully vulgar and very British phrase, absolute bollocks!  These creators of legislation – the thousands of statutes, acts, rules and laws that now micro-manage our lives to our detriment – need firmly putting back into their boxes.  Members of Parliament are nothing more than our elected public servants and they need reminding of this.  And they also need to be reminded, politely but forcibly, that their current refusal to work completely within the framework of our Trial b y Jury Common Law constitution, as confirmed by the 1215 Great Charter, Magna Carta, is going to get them into very hot water indeed. The British people - that’s you and me - are sovereign and are ultimately in charge whether the politicians like it or not!

Now we come to the new campaigning year of 2017.  Those leading members in Parliament and the Judiciary who are deliberately and consciously working for the unlawful interests of the City of London and the corporate globalists (and who are almost certainly behind much of the child abuse and high level paedophile rings that are prevalent today) are now becoming increasingly desperate as more and more people, the proverbial ‘ninety-nine per cent’, wake up to the truth as to what’s really happening to the British people.  The rest of the well paid ‘system-servers’ or ‘useful idiots’, in other words the bulk of our MPs and members of the legal profession, suffer in varying degrees from ignorance, arrogance and cowardice.  Many of them know exactly what is really happening but haven’t got the backbone or moral fibre to do anything about it, preferring instead to look the other way…..isn’t that right, Tim Farron?

Armed now with the Winchester Declaration and the Restoration Amendment, we, in the BCG Rule of Law campaign, along with our friends and allies in the Democracy Defined Restoration Campaign, need to mobilise and organise fast so that by the end of 2017 our campaign to wake up the nation as to how the corporate and financial elite unlawfully control us has become a mass movement that cannot be stopped.

Presently, we have a few thousand members and supporters across the country.  If we are to succeed quickly, we must now organise loosely into local and independent ‘Rule of Law’ groups – it is important that we do not become a hierarchical campaign that has a central and strong nucleus that could be ‘taken out’ or discredited by the controlled media.  We must become like the mythical Hydra – cut one head off and many more will appear!

We’ve all now got to roll up our sleeves and get off our keyboards and onto the streets to talk to ordinary decent people and to prove to them how they are being deceived, scammed and let down by their political servants in Parliament.  We also need to raise money and resources quickly so that the first and extremely important phase of this new mass movement is achieved – that is persuading people to start local groups in their area without delay.

To illustrate this last point, here’s what I’m attempting to do where I live.  We’ve just moved down to South Devon and my new MP is Sarah Wollaston, Chair of the powerful Parliamentary Health Select Committee which holds those responsible for running the NHS to account.  The NHS is struggling from having a growing deficit and is coming under more and more strain.  The mantra we hear is always the same - there isn’t enough money.  Oh!, isn’t there?

In the Summer, I had a 'surgery' meeting with Sarah who has been in Parliament for six years as the MP for Totnes.  I asked her had she ever heard of the privately controlled Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the global central bank that oversees and controls over 95% of the world’s money supply?  No, she hadn’t.  I then asked her if she knew how money was created?  No, she didn’t.  And finally, I asked her had she ever heard of the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound.  No, she most certainly hadn’t.  When I explained to her about the simple fiscal principle of Sovereign National Credit and that our government could quite easily create, issue and control all the money needed for our sovereign nation to be secure, prosperous and happy, she dismissed it simply as being something that sounded like a ‘conspiracy theory’.  She just wasn’t interested!

Within her constituency, a much loved and needed cottage hospital in Dartmouth (along with three others in neighbouring communities) is under threat of imminent closure to save money for the NHS.  The people of Dartmouth do not want this but are resigned to the hospital’s fate.  However, a new activists group is coming together in the Totnes and Dartmouth area and top of the agenda will be the waking up of the good people of Dartmouth to the truth about money creation and money supply and how we are all suffering from the great Austerity Lie.  When her constituents become aware of the simple truth about the Bradbury Pound and Sovereign National Credit, what’s Sarah going to do?  Her response will tell us if she’s simply ignorant but has the good sense, decency and humility to learn and react in a positive way to the truth by going public in support of the Bradbury.....or if she’s willingly working for a more sinister agenda and has put her Party interests and t hose of the City of London and the financial globalists before those of her constituents.  2017 will very quickly give us that answer.

In every constituency up and down the land there will be strong local issues like this where we have the answers to save the day.  Empty politicians always promise their electorates ‘change’ and ‘hope’……we are offering proven solutions based on actual historical precedent.  And as the next General Election looms on the horizon, and as more and more people wake up to how the present political party system has allowed the corporate and financial globalists to unlawfully occupy the corridors of power, people will see that the best way forward for our country is by having Independent Members of Parliament elected.  Only this way can we have a better chance of having elected servants who are dedicated to the sovereignty, well-being and prosperity of our country and who have the decency, humility and ability to go where the provable truth is.

Finally, on behalf of Brian, Mike, Carole and myself here at the UK Column office (who, by the way, very kindly put up with me and the BCG) I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a very successful and prosperous campaigning New Year in 2017.  And if you haven't already joined the BCG, could I please ask you to consider doing so during the festive period as we desperately need money to effectively start the 2017 Rule of Law 'Wake Up' campaign  And please forward this email today far and wide to all your friends, family, contacts and colleagues - time is not on our side and success depends upon speed and decisiveness.

Justin (Walker) BCG Rule of Law Campaign Coordinator

PS.  I am looking for some volunteers who can work from home and who can help me in the New Year to set up, and network with, local Rule of Law groups and to raise much needed money (for printing, events, travel expenses and carefully selected advertising).  Even better, if you live in Devon or Cornwall and can actually get to Plymouth to help me in the office for a day or two each week, that would be brilliant.  You can reach me at


The Winchester Declaration to restore the Rule of Law to the British people.


Our ancient forbears, from King Alfred the Great, the Lawgiver, to the Barons at Runnymede, secured for us a system of law and governance that guarantees the Rule of Law - a Trial by Jury Common Law constitution where all of the people, from the monarch to the most humble, are equal under God and the law, the Law of the Land, the Common Law.

The Great Charter of 1215, known to the world as Magna Carta, a peace treaty between a lawless king and his people, confirmed, in perpetuity, our Common Law inalienable rights to Trial by Jury for all trials; the presumption of innocence rather than guilt; unimpeded access to habeas corpus and the due process of law; cost-free prosecutions by ordinary citizens for infractions of Common Law by those in authority; and the right of juries to annul unjust legislation and statutes passed by Parliament thus giving the British people the ultimate protection against the imposition of tyranny by ruthless, agenda-driven and self-serving politicians.

Contrary to the widely held and mistaken belief of our political class today, Parliament is, and has always been, subservient and answerable to the ultimate will of the British people and cannot, in any way, repeal or diminish the integrity and importance of the 1215 Great Charter.  It is with this fundamental truth that we now make the following Declaration of our own freewill and on behalf of all those suffering from the current lawlessness of our country:

The Declaration in full:

We, who are sovereign and who are gathered here today in the ancient capital of King Alfred the Great, on this day of the nineteenth of November 2016, do now serve notice to our elected servants and representatives in Parliament that we require the Rule of Law to be fully restored to the British people with immediate effect by their passing of the Restoration Amendment.

We are compelled by the supreme Law of the Land, the Common Law, to serve this notice as the evidence is now absolute that there is an elite and secretive cartel of powerful bankers, financiers and industrialists who, using deception, entrapment and outright criminality, and, most importantly, without our given consent, are seeking to establish an alien system of corporate justice and governance for our country and its people that is in direct conflict with our ancient and God-given laws, customs and traditions.

This system of planned corporate control, known to the world as ‘Globalisation’, and which created, by use of deception and stealth, the European Union, results in the unlawful imposition of invasive and unaccountable control in people’s everyday lives. It is a system that oversees the increasing privatisation and corporatisation of our essential services and vital infrastructure, whilst at the same time imposing unlawful debt servitude upon our nation, our communities and our families.  It is a system that seeks to benefit the financial interests of the City of London at the expense of the overall well-being of the British people.

As a direct result of this, we are now living in a lawless and increasingly bankrupt country - a country where our ancient Trial by Jury common law justice system, which is there to protect us all from arbitrary government and outright tyranny, has been deliberately diminished in its effectiveness;  a country where loving families are having their children seized by courts without juries;  a country where senior rogue elements of the judiciary, the police and the legal profession are brazenly protecting Establishment-led paedophile rings;  a country where bogus courts without juries, using fraudulent documentation, are causing innocent people to lose their homes and their livelihoods;  a country where our government is pursuing an unlawful and dangerous foreign policy to support the vested interests of the financial and corporate elite;  a country where our armed services are being deliberately distressed and cut back to the point where our nation’s defences can no longer b e relied upon; and a country where the poor, the vulnerable and the elderly in our society are increasingly suffering from unlawful austerity cutbacks.

Our ancient forbears utterly condemned usury by the moneylenders as a Common Law crime against the people.  Today, our elected servants and representatives in Parliament, contrary to common sense, common decency and the actual precedents of history, remain willingly submissive and compliant to the machinations of the world’s privately controlled, debt-creating central banking system, host by the secretive, unaccountable and indeed criminal Bank for International Settlements.

Despite history clearly showing that a government of a sovereign nation, such as ours, has the absolute right, indeed duty, to create, issue and control its own debt-free and interest-free money through its treasury that is based entirely on that nation’s wealth and potential, our elected servants in Parliament, when taxation receipts are outweighed by government expenditure, insist on borrowing money from the usury practicing, private banking and financial sector – money that is not based on anything tangible and which has been conjured up completely out of thin air as debt.

To negate with immediate effect this criminal fiscal policy, we, today, serve notice to the British Government that they must immediately embrace the simple and common sense principle of Sovereign National Credit by restoring the 1914 Treasury-issued, debt-free and interest-free Bradbury Pound.  This one action will ensure that there is proper funding for the National Health Service; for the vulnerable and elderly in our society; for the effectiveness of our armed services in their defence of our country and our sovereignty; for our critical strategic industries and major infrastructure projects; and for our students to enjoy a debt-free and robust education that directly contributes to our nation’s well-being, happiness and future prosperity.

In conclusion, to fully restore the Rule of Law and to provide complete remedy for the current lawlessness, debt and treason affecting our nation today, we, who are gathered here today in Winchester, do now require from our elected servants in Parliament the immediate passing of the Restoration Amendment which would secure forever our nation’s future prosperity, security and happiness whilst confirming in perpetuity our ancient rights and privileges under God and the Law of the Land.

The Restoration Amendment comprises of two parts.  The first is the full restoration of our Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution, as confirmed by the 1215 Great Charter, and that this system of proven and fair justice is supreme over any arbitrary legislation passed by Parliament; and that statutes contrary to the Common Law are void.   The second is the simple restoration of Sovereign National Credit, as embodied in the 1914 debt-free and interest-free Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound, in order to provide the liquidity needed for the British people to enjoy prosperity, security and happiness free from the criminal influence and interference of the private debt-creating central banking system and the City of London.

Our country is fast becoming a Corporatocracy as the interests of the financial elite are allowed to take complete precedence over our sovereignty, well-being and democracy.  Collectively, our elected servants in Parliament, on both sides of the House, from different ends of the political spectrum, have completely failed us.   As to whether this is due to their ignorance, arrogance and complete stupidity, or to their conscious and consensual agreement to take part in high treason, remains to be seen. How they respond, when individually challenged to support the passing of the Restoration Amendment, will provide us with the answers we need.

The choice taken by the British electorate to leave the European Union – a criminal institution created by the central bankers and the financial elite in order to further speed up their process of globalisation at the expense of sovereign nations – is now being challenged by a sizeable number of our elected servants who cannot bring themselves to accept the democratic decision of their electors.  The passing of the Restoration Amendment, as it is all based on the truth, the rule of law, common sense and historical precedent, will put an immediate end to the complex and drawn out negotiations being planned to frustrate the clear will of the British people.  Indeed, the Winchester Declaration today will be an inspiring and shining light to other sovereign nations as they, also, seek to ward off the advance of globalisation and all that it entails.

So today, at Winchester, we do serve notice to our elected servants in Parliament, and to those residing in the corridors of power, that if you do not now actively support the Restoration Amendment to fully restore the Rule of Law in our country, and you persist in your treasonous ways with your malfeasance in public office, that we are compelled by the Common and God-given Law of this country to take whatever appropriate and peaceful steps that are needed to bring you to justice.  This is a pledge that we take willingly today that cannot be lawfully broken. The Rule of Law is being returned to our nation!


Would like to no how things are progressing  with the rule off law campaign.Is their a group in West Yorkshire close to ponefract that I could attend. Thank You

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Sorry for the delay in reply, unfortunately we are very short of staff and not that technically savvy apart from Mike & Nick. The historical Winchester Conference was a great success in promoting the Restoration of the Rule of Common Law and the Nottingham Moot is an important and an essential opportunity to continue to build the momentum. The BCG has hired a huge more central venue with several conference rooms of varying size for everyone to gather, share information, get more informed, motivated, inspired and empowered, make new friends, network, form or get involved in as many Local Common Law Support & Sharing Groups as possible throughout the British Isles and beyond, so that we can all work together as effectively as we can, to expose all the high level corruption and criminality and Restore the Rule of our Common Law and Sovereign National Credit i.e. The Bradbury Pound and an honest system of public service ASAP, once and for all.  Hope that answers your question J, best wishes and hopefully see you all at the Nottingham Moot on Saturday 22nd April 2017 from 9am, please see the BCG website for more information and to purchase tickets and please spread the word and promote far and wide before it's too late, from Eddy