Your new year's resolution is to buy a copy of Kenn d'Oudney's 'Democracy Defined: The Manifesto' - if you haven't already done so.

(I know, I'm sorry, I keep saying it - but it's such important reading material!)

Kenn and Astra have also just informed me that there is a new edition with additional material - Index, Bibliography, Commentary and Notes!

Although this subject is quite meaty, Kenn does write it clearly and approaches the concepts in different ways through the book, so as to help you understand.

There are very few writers who present this information from the perspective of the individual interested in their own liberty! Kenn is wanting you to understand how it works and where the traps have been laid by the political class. Fascinating but also crucially important for our endeavours to gain freedom from tyranny.

Here's our page about Democracy Defined campaign on our site. Gives you the links you need:

The Democracy Defined Campaign

Happy reading for 2021!