It is sometimes claimed that the best quality of a man is his Divine humble wisdom, rather than the modern version, as being defined more as a young, handsome strapping male, perhaps behaving more like an aggressive growling bear, with foolish alpha male traits and with too much muscle and haste.

It's well known that the global elitists use intellectual 'wisdom' or strategy, such as what is expressed in Sun Tzu's "The Art of War." This work describes how the long term safety and security of a tribe is where the tribe is protected by wisdom rather than overt violence and aggression. 

Many would argue that the Corporate State helped to betray man. 

The Industrial Revolution started to take away the traditional role of a man's life. Over time, men had to compete with more machines and a more competitive global work force. More women left their traditional roles and competed for employment too. The unemployment of men started to increase and so did poverty, mental and other health and lifestyle problems. 

As many of us would agree, all wars are bankers wars and wars were big business for those that invested in them. Soldiers are often recruited in areas of high unemployment and poverty. The last two world wars could be described as a cull on the mostly male populations. The devastating conditions of war further added to the mental health issues of men. 

The system that we live under is often described as a patriarchal system rather than as an oligarchy. Because of this, the liberal corporate political state and their media and corrupt 'legal' industry appears to have used this idea of patriarchy to help justify punishing men, especially working class men. They have also partially used the feminism movement to wage war on men. This has resulted in men receiving a larger burden with receiving more fines, costs, imprisonment, loosing their homes and children and being bankrupted or driven to flee the system, .. 

There also appears to have been a political social agenda to emasculate men for whatever reasons and the polluted industrial environments and over processed food, medicines and drink, .. also appears to have contributed towards a bio-chemical emasculation of men.

Too many men seemed to have lost their way in life and lack a sense of purpose and place in society. Over the last few decades there has been an increase in mental health issues, alcoholism, drug addiction, unemployment, poverty, homelessness and attempted and actual suicide rates amongst men. The following global data goes up to 2021, 

Here's a controversial idea and food for thought. An important principle within natural law is the law of cause and effect and it looks like the betrayal and destruction of men has possibly been the result of a conscious attack on men, that may have started with the Industrial Revolution?

May wisdom and a good kind heart prevail in all men and women in perpetuity as they reclaim their self respect, their sovereignty and sense of purpose in contributing to helping to make themselves, their lives, their communities and the world a better place for all to live together in peace, respect, freedom, harmony, abundance and wisdom.