A recent Study: Asymptomatic Transmission of Covid Does not Occur


Important - as the whole case for lockdown/masks etc. rests on this false notion of asymptomatic transmission

Covid 19 has Never Been Isolated in the Lab


If the virus has not been scientifically isolated…

How can an effective vaccine be created?

How can we know that any vaccine is safe (if it’s not been isolated)?

How can anyone claim that a mutant strain or a new variant of Sars-Cov19 exist (if the original has never been isolated)?

How can the effectiveness of a vaccine be determined if the pathogen itself that it is designed to treat has not been isolated?

How can a reliable test be developed to detect the presence of a virus that has never been scientifically isolated?

What guarantee that other spurious viruses will not be announced when the original virus was never isolated?

What parent could allow their child to be vaccinated using a vaccine that has never been tested on animals and is highly experimental?