I can't believe that wearing these face coverings are safe and healthy. 

They appear to be nonsensical, unscientific, harmful, cruel, social engineering, tyrannical, bullying, dangerous, undignified, controlling, abuse, .. 

How can it be safe and how can people get insurance cover for operating machinery; drive vehicles, especially buses, taxis, heavy goods vehicles, railway locomotives, and fly aircraft, .. ? 

What's happened to our Head of State, Police Constable Common Law Enforcement and Protection, Health and Safety Officers, Personal Liability and Responsibility, Parliamentary Representatives and Risk Assessments, ..?

This boy John and many others, have expressed that they notice that these masks made them feel tired, unfocused, anxious, claustrophobic, stressed, restricted their breathing, gave them bad headaches, .. 

I'm sure that this 10 year old speaks up for many peoples feelings and all their natural Unalienable Common Law Rights, Principles and Freedoms. 

We can still try our best to educate school students, .. about their natural unalienable Common Law rights, principles and freedoms and that corporate maritime 'legal'ese, 'legal' fiction statute rules and regulations are not the laws of the land.

We can also all help educate and inform these students, .. that their teachers, .. may be acting unlawfully and could be made personally liable for private prosecution, ..

These teachers, .. also need to be made more aware of their duty of care and how the national and international socialists, .. took over Germany in the 1930's and about the Nuremberg trials, .. with regards to the excuses of, "just following orders, .. " were completely disregarded by the Judges.