People who care about their individual freedoms should make themselves knowledgable about Annulment by Jury - sometimes known as Jury Nullification. It’s a delectable, mouth-watering piece of information that generally flies under the radar. In fact, it’s very hidden information! WARNING: When people first hear about this, it can make people dance madly around their house punching the air in total exultation.

Here it is in a nutshell:

Most people think that a jury’s only purpose is to decide on the guilt of the accused. Oh no! There is a second, more important purpose - and they don’t want you to know this!

It is to decide on the justice of the legislation itself that the accused man has supposedly breached. Did you know that the jury has the power to make a decision on the government’s legislation

That’s the primary feature of Common Law, ladies and gents!

Here’s how it happens if you’re not already familiar:

  1. A man is accused of ‘breaking the law’ (a government statute)
  2. Even if this appears to be the case, the jury can still return a not-guilty verdict
  3. They would do this if any single one of the jurors feels it would be unjust to punish the man given the circumstances: that juror feels that there is no malicious intent in the accused despite what actually happened
  4. Technically the man has breached the legislation but the jury returns a not-guilty verdict. 
  5. This is sometimes known as a perverse verdict. Importantly, this causes that statute to start the process of being thrown off the Statute books! Don’t you just love it :-)

Why? Because that government-created statute is out of alignment with the consciences of the jurors. And - in Common Law, justice is always delivered on principle and not resulting action. You can’t legislate for motive:

it’s about intention

Yes - although it's exciting, keep in mind that the political class have tried to hide this and remove it from the system. Some judges will inform the jury of this mechanism but it's not popular in the establishment!

When people talk about how the government is, in some way, limited in its powers, that is perhaps the most fundamental way it happens. Every day all over the country, the government’s ‘law’ (called legislation) is put to the test.

Forget voting in elections. That doesn’t get anywhere close to Annulment! We delve into this subject on this website a lot! It’s the heart of Common Law.

Told you you'd enjoy that!