Major Urgent Police and Law - Criminal Investigation Launched in British Commonwealth Country of the United Kingdom and with the International Criminal Court of the Hague. 

Crime Reference Number : 602 9679/21 UK-London-Metropolitan Police-Hammersmith.

This is an essential and urgent opportunity for everyone everywhere, to inform and lobby all Police Constables/Officers and everyone else, to asap/immediately act on urgently closing down all these live crime scenes, at 'testing' and jab centres, .. whilst investigations through all the scientific evidence, witness statements and accusations about alleged criminals and crimes of fraud, mass harm, assault, bullying, coercion, intimidation, threats, mind control propaganda, mis-reporting, injury, cover-ups, mass murder and treason, .. that are currently being provided to the police, .. is taking place. 

Many people have learnt from the lessons of history, such as from the events in Germany in the 1930's, of how quickly tyranny can take over, through mind control propaganda, draconian policies and alleged national or international emergencies, ..

This is also an opportunity for all the 'vax' injured people, .. to report these crimes to the police and private investigators, .. present all evidence and witness statements and prepare for prosecuting and making commercial and Common Law Liens and Tort claims on all those culpable of these crimes.

Reminder - If a Common Law Police Constable witnesses or is informed of an active crime, it is their duty and requirement under law to act on that asap/immediately without fear or favour, .. They do not need to be given orders or permission by higher ranking constables, legal advisors or politicians, .. 

If a Police Constable witnesses or is informed of evidence of any crime, even if it is being committed by our Constitutional Monarch or Prime Minister, then they also have a lawful duty and requirement, without fear or favour, .. to stop the crime, investigate, arrest and prosecute the alleged criminal/s. 

Common Law Constitutional principle - No one should be above the Rule of Common Law and all should be treated fairly and equally under it. We should all be free to live our lives freely and make our own choices, whilst behaving responsibly by causing no intentional harm and treating others respectfully and fairly in the way we would like to be treated oursleves, ..

Important video to watch - there are currently high level meetings with USA Senators, whistleblowers and top medical scientists taking place,