Yes, 2020 didn't feel great (that's called a British understatement - for international viewers!) Nevertheless, we may look back on 2020 as one of our most important years. It was one in which a much larger proportion of our society began to be red-pilled - and started the process of awakening. Not a comfortable journey but a necessary one. A bit like detoxing from a drug: the drug of 'being happy in ignorance'. Or at least less fearful in ignorance.

Freedom and liberty itself generates the ultimate happiness - not the short-term fix.

So, it's full steam ahead for 2021 - which will probably prove a better year for us all, ultimately, even if we might have a bumpy ride at the start. We're making massive progress on truth-exposure, so let's keep up the pressure and finish this job.

Readers and supporters, keep up the great work of spreading our messages about the British Constitution, Common Law and the scam behind the currency supply. It's only within the Common Law framework that the people can be truly free.

Happy 2021!

BCG team