Urgent, please everyone, all get behind and support the most honourable and heroic retired West Midlands Police Constable Mark Sexton. He has been filmed reporting the crimes and presenting the evidence of the fraudulent and treasonous plandemic to his local police and made an outstanding speech outside Westminster U.K. Parliament in London on Monday 19th July 2021, witnessed by several thousands, https://odysee.com/@ResistanceGB:f/Mark-Sexton-Retired-UK-Policeman-Speaks-Outside-Parliament-to-Passionate-Applause:4?r=5AyVUc94rX7smyCrkKt6a7ZMWbkALzHU  

Please show as many local Police Constables in every town and city around the world this video as soon as possible and insist that they honour their Constitutional Oath and Badge Warrant Cards before anything else and help get all the local jabs and testing centres, .. closed down and investigated, using universal worldwide natural Common Law Constitutional principles and precautionary principles, as soon as possible.


All the U.K., .. governments and local councils, .. have gone rogue because they have been infiltrated by common purpose treasonous globalists, .. 

Many hospital staff and medical and scientific experts have been told to keep quiet about this so called pandemic, .. This in itself is extremely suspicious.

PCR 'tests' give false positives and therefore produce extremely inaccurate case numbers, this is fraud and has led to enormous harm being caused to many.

Despite contrary reports in the media, .. many of the hospitals were unusually quiet in 2020 and the seven Nightingale Hospitals, that cost millions to build and run, were not required and closed down. Since the jabs have been rolled out the hospitals have started to become more busy.

If you know anyone that has died or suffered side effects after being jabbed, please enocourage their friends and relatives, .. to document this and report this to, https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/

Along with creative accountancy, cooking the books and massaging the figures, there are three kinds of lies in propaganda media and politics: "lies, damned lies, and statistics." Where has influenza, .. gone to since 2020?

Our Common Law Constitutional Security Clause has been invoked and has helped to invoke a lawful Constitutional Convention and proper Common Law Juries, where "We The People", must lawfully uphold and enforce the natural Common Law principles immediately and dismiss any unlawful Public Servant. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvozHYyaPUI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVaxMIZEUSs