Things are escalating and we could be running short on time. Actions of the government are ever-more tyrannical.

It is more important than ever that the people of Britain truly understand how their extraordinary Common Law Constitution is supposed to work. Not how it does currently - because, right now, it is not being allowed to function as it was designed.

Therefore, over the next few weeks we are going to step up the energy and output in general, but particularly in relation to Common Law. A series of very short articles and ‘thoughts for the day’ on Common Law will start appearing on a regular basis discussing aspects that are not normally understood or discussed. Short videos will also appear in the next few weeks that will serve as quick easily accessible reminders to help outline these crucial themes. Some of this content is currently very hidden information for most people (and even to many who consider themselves as 'awake').

You - fine readers and supporters - can help us by consistently spreading this information far and wide - and quickly.

We hope you enjoy the material and please stay positive. By expanding our knowledge and the number of those that possess it, we can begin to hold the government and those of the political class to account in a way that has not been achieved in many hundreds of years.

Stay strong!

All the best,