Join The British Constitution Group

Joining the British Constitution Group represents your declaration that your support the principles on which this nation has stood ot the last 1200 years or more; principles based on the rule of law, not the rule of dictatorship.

In order to take on the politicians and globalists who wish to see an end to the Common Law, replacing it instead with restricted "human rights" through their constitutional reform agenda, we need the backing of as many people as possible. As a member of the British Constitution Group, you will be at the heart of a campaign to educate everyone living in this nation about our constitution and the implications for our freedoms and liberties if we lose it. You will also be at the heart of the action to reassert the rule of law.

The British Constitution Group receives no funding from government or external organisations. Our campaigning is supported wholly through the generosity of our membership.

We welcome everyone from all religious and ethnic backgrounds.

You can use this page to join the British Constitution Group using Paypal. If you prefer, we also accept cheques and postal orders. Please contact us directly if you wish to join offline. You will still get a login to the website and have access to consessionary prices for event tickets, have access to the forums etc.