The 2017 Great Moot of Nottingham Programme

  • Posted on: 16 March 2017
  • By: JoFree
The 2017 Great Moot of Nottingham Programme

For nearly two thousand years, an entrenched and privileged community of wealthy merchants, originally of Roman origin and based within the ‘Square Mile’ of what has become known as The City of London  (the real name is actually The Crown Corporation), have schemed, manoeuvred and profited to such an extent that their financial influence today is paramount.  Indeed, their authority is now global as they unlawfully decide just how much money the world is allowed to spend – money that they have conjured up completely out of thin air as debt using their privately run central banking system ….and global debt to these usury-based criminals means complete corporate control and undemocratic and unaccountable governance over nearly all of humanity!  For more information please go to the link The 22April2017 Great Moot of Nottingham Discussion Group Timetable

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This is an opportunity that we really can't afford to waste.

So many great discussion groups! Wish I could here them all.