Magna Carta 2015 - A Declaration Of Sovereign Governance

  • Posted on: 27 October 2013
  • By: allan
Announcing a major initiative - Magna Carta 2015

No parliament has ever been granted the authority by the people to diminish its own status and yet the collective political establishment accept this to be the case without objection. It is self-evident that the people are not happy with this arrangement and in the face of a blanket refusal by the political establishment to address this issue it is now deemed appropriate for the people themselves to take matters into their own hands and declare the reinstatement of our national sovereignty – without reference to parliament - it having surrendered its sovereignty and thus its right to govern.

Magna Carta 2015 is the name given to a series of constitutional conventions, concluding in 2015 with a declaration of sovereign governance for those British citizens who choose sovereignty.

Our aim is the peaceful and gradual transfer of the authority of governance from the Brussels/Westminster collective to our own democratic and sovereign state. Our intention is to be governed under our own system of laws and to operate our own courts, police service and monetary system. We will set up a body to oversee issues where the Brussels/Westminster system comes into conflict with our own sovereign authority. This body to determine also how shared resources should be managed to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Where the Brussels/Westminster collective will not engage in a dialogue regarding these matters, then we will make unilateral decisions as to how we will access common resources such as roads, rail and energy and what contribution (if any) we should make.

The declaration of sovereign governance planned for June 2015 will be preceded by three constitutional conventions each building on the work of its predecessor, with the first convention to focus on the building of a national network of contacts whose responsibility it will be to build regional groupings.

Our success will be determined by the popularity of our objective and in this we are confident that our message will strike a chord with millions of Britons who feel ignored and betrayed by a political elite who have been prepared to dismiss entirely the wishes of the majority in service of the whims of a minority.

This initiative is being instigated by The British Constitution Group with an open invitation for all comers who want to play an active role in the development of our sovereign authority to put themselves forward. 

Signing of Magna Carta at Runnymede
<p>Almost 800 years ago, a collection of barons, knights, clergy and townspeople surrounded King John at Runnymede to demand that their traditional rights, laws and customs be recognised, written down, guaranteed with the Royal Seal, and for the resulting contract to be read aloud to all freemen in every county in England.</p>
<p>On the 10th July this year, led by Graeme Allen MP, the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee launched their plan to introduce a &quot;New Magna Carta&quot;. Yet perhaps it would be more sensible to work to reassert the protections and liberties provided by the Magna Carta which has existed for 800 years.</p>