Campaign Locally

You can make a vital difference to the work of the British Constitution Group by keeping yourself aware of developments in your local area. From the Localism Act to Agenda 21, from parking tickets to full blown evictions, all are part and parcel of the constitutional reform agenda and the collapse of the Rule of Law.

Right across the country, groups are forming in order to fight single issues locally. These groups are being set up by people like you and I - ordinary concerned people with no political agenda, who are suffering because of the latest planning decision, or because of the latest fraudulent activity of a bank. 

These groups are quite possibly fertile ground for our message.

Writing letters to local newspapers and speaking to local radio and television are also great ways to raise the profile of the British Constitution Group.

In addition, our colleagues at the UK Column are very keen to have reports of local activism, particularly where British Constitution Group members are involved. The UK Column is encouraging individuals to become local news gatherers, sending reports, photographs and video to the UK Column for broadcast on their daily news programme.

Set Up A Local Group

There are already a number of BCG local groups around the country, but there is plenty of room for more. Groups usually meet regularly in a local pub, to organise local campaigns, etc. Setting up a local group is a significant commitment, so it is not for everyone. If this is something you would be willing to consider, please get in touch.