Gossip, Hearsay, Rumours, Stirring up Poison and Controlled Opposition

People that form genuine grassroots groups to oppose or lobby corrupt, unfair and dishonest behaviour and unpopular agendas, often have a positive experience initially by meeting like mind people who have similar feelings and ideas, they start to become close friends that feel almost like family. 

Then there may be natural opposition to the opposition and there will often be controlled opposition, from those that were originally being opposed. The main goal of controlled opposition would usually be to disrupt and infiltrate opposition groups and try and stir up problems, slander key people and the groups to try to create uncertainty and take control of the narrative and divide and control the groups.

Controlled Opposition is part of a psychological warfare to try to undermine and destroy risky truth narratives.

Many organisers of groups report that it is best for everyone to be respectful, friendly and good humoured and work together as a team and stay focused on the groups objectives, rather than get drawn into gossip, accusations, rumours, hearsay, slander, character assasinations, ..