Winchester Declaration

  • Posted on: 8 February 2017
  • By: Briang
Winchester Declaration

The Winchester Declaration was created and agreed by over 500 delegates at the conference in the Winchester Guildhall on 19 November 2016, by those who came together to seek a solution to halt the growing oppression of the sovereign people of this nation by our own parliament. In doing so, those present for this uplifting and momentous occasion, being assembled of their own free will, undertook to restore our God given freedoms, and to reassert the proper rule of Common Law in these beautiful Isles.

In joining together and taking action, we ultimately believe that by the restoration of Common Law, and by restoring the rights and powers of the jury to decide both guilt and innocence, and whether laws under which men and women are judged are sound, we can help, support and nurture all those who now live in these Isles no matter their origins, colour, creed or faith, to enjoy the fundamental right to happiness, freedom and companionship with our fellow man, which is bestowed upon us all at birth.

  Click here to read the full Winchester Declaration.

The British Constitution Group would especially like to thank Kenn d'Oudney from Democracy Defined for all his help and support in bringing together the Winchester Conference and drawing up the declaration. 

Winchester Declaration


I encourage everyone to read the Winchester Declaration as the foundation stone for the work of the British Constitution Group and our supporters