Corruption in our Courts - Guy Taylor Interview

  • Posted on: 29 January 2015
  • By: John Galloway

In this vital video Guy Taylor () exposes and explains the trail of court documents without seals and wet signatures, the missing destroyed or hidden court files, and the aggressive bailiffs acting outside their authority. By understanding how the crimes are committed, the home-owner faced with fraudulent repossession can make their home their castle, and defend against the rampant crime which infests Britain&;s so called exemplary justice system.

Guy will be speaking at the BCG Spring Conference Telford 28 Feb-1 March

You can learn more about Tom Crawford`s fight to save his house here:


I have been activley following and getting involved with this case even though we are based in Liverpool.

It is very clear the simple questions are NOt being answered 

Where are the Legal documents needed to prceed ina court case 


The origonal court application showuing fees paid ?? 

The Origonal Court Ordered Singed in Ink from the pearson In charge at that Court ??  It does appear they will not sign the documents pearsonaly for the fear of being prosocuted at a later date ??


Many many very simple things need answering . Why do we not start a to have these cases Telivised or atleast videoed so there is clear evedance of how the case is conducted ?? How simple can that be if you or they got nothing to hide it is not rocket sicence 


very veryt strange  what is going on in our courts .


Keep it simple keep it open so the Public US You and Me can see what these PUBLIC Servants are actualy doing . They appear to have lost track of the FACT THEY ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS - it is NOT their Court it is the PUBLICS COURT.