About the British Constitution Group

We work to challenge the constitutional change agenda - the imposition and centralisation of the banking and corporate policy through the UK government, European Union, United Nations, IMF, BIS, WTO and World Bank against the British Common Law Constitution. We do not seek to be a popularist movement and our main concern is to find the truth. Our aim is to inform and educate the media and the general public about the rights and freedoms secured by a constitution so often denied by academics and politicians.

Established in 2008, the British Constitution Group is a non-party-political organisation with members from across the social and political spectrum. We have constitutional supporters who have been active in constitutional matters going back as least as far as the 1970's. We thank and appreciate all those who have supported this campaign over the years in so many different ways. We remember, appreciate and respect all those that have devoted their lives to exposing the corruption and have helped to get the truth out, including David Robinson RIP - the Constitutional Messenger, retired Police Constable and Constitutional Scholar - John Hurst RIP, Elisabeth Beckett RIP - Constitutional Scholar, John Harris RIP - Constitutional Activist, Patrick Cullinane RIP - Constitutional Activist, Guy Taylor RIP - Constitutional Activist, Lance RIP - Constitutional Scholar, Robert Green RIP and all others. We also remember and keep fresh in our hearts, minds and prayers Melanie Shaw, David Noakes, Lyn Thyer and all other whistle-blowers and political prisoners. The BCG is a non-profit limited company, Brit Constitution Ltd, No. 06666076, registered in England in 2008.

Please become a supporter of the British Constitution Group by sharing the truth about our natural and Common Law Constitutional principles far and wide and declare your agreement with our desire to see the people of this nation and the rest of the world reclaim their sovereignty and reject tyranny, lies, corruption and exploitation.

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Join and work with us by adding your voice to our desire to see our Sovereign People's Charter and Constitutional Principles reasserted.

The New Chartist Movement

The New Chartist Movement is the BCG's primary campaign and movement to help meet everyone who is concerned about various issues and to help to inform and wake them all up and unite the masses towards the common law constitution solutions and the 7 Requirements of the Sovereign People's Charter asap. 

The New Chartist Movement proposes many effective, realistic and vibrant solutions so many of the world's problems by striving to understand the underlying deceptions and truth that lies behind the subversive actions taken against us through history. These proposals include:

  • Environment: solving pollution problems and environmental harm
  • Crime, corruption and problems relating to law and order including in governance
  • Exploitation
  • Ending wars
  • Addressing austerity and poverty
  • Lawful banking, money and the economy
  • Natural and holistic health


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