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The People Retain Authority over their Government

The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE) unveils a Universal Declaration, empowering the sovereign peoples of the world to stop global totalitarianism, corporate-driven ecocide and unlawful debt-slavery by implementing solutions the embrace truth, freedom, justice and prosperity for all whilst engaging the common sense and human-scale values of real ecology to protect our precious home, the Earth.

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It is sometimes claimed that the best quality of a man is his Divine humble wisdom, rather than the modern version, as being defined more as a young, handsome strapping male, perhaps behaving more like an aggressive growling bear, with foolish alpha male traits and with too much muscle and haste.

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I'm sure that this 10 year old speaks up for many peoples feelings and natural Unalienable Common Law Rights, Principles and Freedoms.

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The British Constitution Group

To understand why this Constitution is described here as British rather than just English or Norse Norman, you may first need to study the true history of the Picts, Bretons, Welsh and Cornish, all being ancient British tribes and cultures, that are alleged to have used natural or Common Law principles, that King Alfred the Great, with the assistance of Bishop Asser of St David's of the Kingdom of Dyfed, helped to restore.

 From 1066AD until today many of the aristocratic ruling families are of Norse Norman or Roman Swiss Templar descent, but appear to hide behind the English, Scots and British, .. identities. Some are involved in the Square Mile City of London Crown Corporation that was behind the British East Indian Company and Empire and appears to rule over the United Kingdoms Constitutional Monarch and her Parliaments, ..

As with all sovereign nations currently around the world, there is a Globalist agenda that seeks to devolve and dissolve sovereign nations, to try to make way for a Global Corporate Technocratic Dictatorship.

The British Constitution Group campaigns for the restoration of Britain's ancient Common Law Constitution, which, for several years has been systematically denied and undermined by successive corporate governments of all political parties. The BCG is non-political and does not endorse or support any political party. We know that for over 1200 years, especially since the Norman invasion, successive generations of British inhabitants have tried to reassert the principles that Alfred the Great and others had helped to reawaken and keep alive. Specifically, these principles include that of Trial and Annulment by Jury and the supremacy of the people over their government by being in judicial authority at all times

The Law should not be a for profit business and does not belong to the State, Corporations or Religions, it belongs to God the Creator the Source of all natural Life, Wisdom and of all God's children.

Do the so called governments, politicians, public servants, that have allowed Deep State infiltration, have any lawful authority left what so ever, or have they lost it all through their many crimes of treason against the Constitution and the lawful people of this ancient island nation?

Common Law is a constitution for all the people of the world, because it has natural Divine principles and recognises everyone's Unalienable Rights and Personal Sovereignty. The Law must be kept in an easy non-complicated form. 

All Police Constables, especially the most senior ones and other Public Servants, Politicians, Lawyers, so-called judges and Heads and Owners of the Media and Corporations, Think Tanks, Secret Societies, Secret Services, ... can be made Personally Liable for any behaviour that is unlawful with regards to the Common Law Constitution.

In the United Kingdom and some parts of the Commonwealth there is a system of Constitutional Monarchy. This means that God's natural Divine principles, including Unalienable Rights and Personal Sovereignty, expressed within the British and English Constitution, should Rule supreme.

Common Law is the unwritten Constitution made up of Natural Divine Law Principles. The Written parts of the Constitution, such as the Charter of Liberties/Coronation Oath's of King Edgar 975AD, Magna Carta 1215, the Petition of Right 1628, the Declaration of Rights and the English Bill of Rights 1688/89, restates some of these important principles and is supposed to set out a fair system of government or administration to serve "we the people" democratically at all times.

This nation and the rest of the world could be run by democratic, "we the people", natural/common law public service, rather than corrupt corporate political parties and secretive think tanks with vested interests.

"Justice must not be sold, delayed, or denied."

What do Lawyers really know?

Are you being taught the truth about the Law?

Sadly, there has been a corporate agenda for a long time to try to usurp our Common Law Constitution, Unalienable Rights and Personal Sovereignty and therefore many of the Law books are not reliable enough. Unfortunately many Lawyers, Politicians, Police Constables, University and College Lecturers and Professors and other Public Servants are not taught adequately about the Principles of Natural and Common Law, so they don't often know what the Rule of Law actually means i.e. that there is a higher, purer, supreme, Divine wisdom that governs the natural Laws of our World. 

However, most ordinary people interpret this as the Common Sense principles

Unfortunately many of the Police, politicians, academia, the corporate state media and other Public Servants are taught and so believe that the Rule of Law means statute legislation, corporate state rules, regulations and directives, rather than our natural Divine Common Law Constitutional principles. In fact many of the police trainers, senior ranking officers, academic writers, professors, ministers and other public servants are actually committing sedition and could be made personally liable and prosecuted for treason.

What is the Law?

  1. Common Law
  2. To Cause No Intentional Harm
  3. To respect everyone's Un-a-lien-able Rights that we are all born with
  4. There should be no cruel and unusual or unnatural punishments
  5. The Purest Highest Divine Truth, Love and Wisdom is the Rule Of Law
  6. The Law should and can be a shield for protecting us all from harm
  7. It is also the reigns and solution for keeping the checks and balances of our governments in place

The basic principles are

  1. to cause no intentional harm
  2. to take responsibility for our actions and in-actions (Cause and Effect - every thought, choice, decision and action - there will be some type of reaction or consequence.)
  3. and not to turn a blind eye to crimes of injustices

Common Law recognises everyone's Unalienable Rights and Personal Sovereignty.

Everyone is sovereign when they are aligned with natural Divine Common Law principles.

The so called 'Judge', who should really be called a Convener, should never be sponsored by the corporate state and must never withhold evidence, or lead and influence the Jury

A real true Judge must consist of at least 12 good men or women Jurists who are in-line with Common Law principles.

Everyone is free to move about and conduct their lawful business unhindered.

People are deemed to be innocent, including suspects, unless they are found guilty by proper Common Law Juries.

The deceptive language of Legalese is often fraudulent.

Apparently there are twelve key presumptions asserted by the private Bar Guilds, but they have little or no relevance to Common Law proceedings.

Legal Fictions are often Fraudulent.

Any living, breathing man, born male or female can be made personally liable if they have caused any harm. Trying to hide behind legal fictions, accomplices, weapons, job titles, diplomatic immunity, corporations or trusts, should not protect alleged criminals.

Simple, Logic and Common Sense

Nobody should be above the Rule of Divine Common Law, not the Pope, the bankers, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, the Zionists, the UN, the WHO, Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, a Monarch, the Privy Council, the Prime Minister, the military, Matt Hancock, academia, Imperial College London, the Tavistock Institute, the media, the police, the judiciary, a corporation, a government, a Head of State, ... and all should be treated fairly or equally under it.

Separations of Power must be maintained. The Police Constables and any other public servant must be independent of and police over - all corporations, conflicts of interest, secret societies, an unlawful common purpose change agent agenda, lobbyists, the corporate state, the judiciary, a shadow deep state, the media, ... at all times - according to our Common Law Constitution and its Coronation Oath.

The Head of State is supposed to be, according to our Common Law Constitution, the most senior public servant and commander of all other public servants, including the Police Constabulary and Military. The primary natural, Common Law and Constitutional duty of the Sovereign People of a nation, through this Head of State, is to protect and defend its nation from external and internal security threats, from potential enemies, including corporations, common purpose secret societies lobbyists et al., and keep the peace, health, prosperity and harmony of the nation to the best of her ability.

Democratic Common Law, Private Prosecutions and swift justice should be freely accessible and affordable for everyone in the hearts of all our local communities through properly convened Common Law Juries and not centralised and out of reach, through corporate national, world or regional 'governments'.

Men and Women do not have to accept or consent to fines and penalties if they have not been found guilty by a proper Common Law Court.

Nobody should be punished or detained unless there has been a properly convened and fair Common Law Jury trial, otherwise a Writ of Habeas Corpus must be issued.

The Common Law Jury are sovereign when in line with Common Law principles and has the duty and lawful authority and must annul any unjust, unfair and unlawful statute.

All Law must be in alignment with natural Divine Common Law Constitutional principles otherwise it is null and void.

Anyone trying to usurp the Common Law Constitution could be found guilty of Treason.

Treason is the attempted destruction or conspiracy to destroy a nation's sovereignty and it's people.

So who's the Boss?  

Not the WHO, our Ego or some Demonic or Corporate Entity - The true real boss should of course be the Creator of all Natural things, including Divine Wisdom. 

The Rule of Law - The Divine Law Rules

Law is supposed to represent divine wisdom and should be there to serve and help to protect us all, especially the most vulnerable; but should we accept being treated as property or children of the state, or as corporate or religious slaves?

Are Statutes necessary?

Common sense Common Law Statute rules and regulations can be helpful and sensible for helping to protect us all, for example through road safety regulations.

Most Statutes drawn up or voted on in Parliament appear to be Admiralty Statutes which are highly questionable.

However  all statutes can and should be tested and annulled if necessary by properly convened Common Law Juries.

This is what is understood as, "being ruled by consent" and "Annulment by Jury".

Lawful Statutes must be in alignment with natural Divine Common Law principles.

What is a Common Law Constitution for?

Common Law is law shared commonly containing natural universal principles for all people. The Common Law is a Constitution within itself. It is also ancient and has formed written principles over the years in documents including Magna Carta 1215 and the United States of America Constitution of 1787.

"Magna Carta promoted the right of Trial by Jury to protect the accused from capricious condemnation by authorities. The high value that Christianity, from its inception, has placed on the individual is in stark contrast to the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Chinese, Greek and Roman cultures, in which the individual was always subordinate to the state. True liberty, individual rights and respect for human personality found no place in the ancient world. "

When everyone in the realm takes an interest and gets informed about our Common Law Constitution and supports, promotes and upholds it, then it can be used as a mighty shield to help protect us all from tyranny and corruption and the reigns to reign in any Public Servant that goes beyond their authority and commits treason by breaking their Common Law Oath of Office.

A natural and Common Law Constitution should be a long term perpetual agreement made by a lawful Constitutional Convention of the whole community of the Realm, designed to help anchor the Divine Wisdom of our wisest ancestors and protect the Community and its future generations from tyranny and to help keep the natural and Common Law principles, defence, sovereignty, security, peace, health, freedom, harmony, abundance and respect of the nation and its people.

What is lawful authority and where does it come from?

Imagine if everyone in the united kingdom of Great Britain, everyone in the Commonwealth and everyone across the world were informed, empowered and awake to the real truth about natural and Common Law. 

With this knowledge we could all take our power back from the corporate banking elitists. We could then all help end wars; child & ritualistic sexual, commercial and violent abuse; Political Blackmailing; the U.N.5G 'SMART'city Agenda; genocides; harmful pollution and other killer technologies; the unlawful and corrupt banking, big pharma, unethical tech industries and political systems; Usury, the Corporate State Propaganda and Decpetive Mind Control Media; and other unethical businesses, engineered 'scamdemics', austerity, scarcity, debt slavery, poverty and other exploitation.

We could all live honestly and abundantly in peace, happiness and harmony and be free to enjoy our lives and our natural healthy and beautiful planet. We could all build our own Universal Truth Media Information Networks.

100 years ago Nikola Tesla showed us fantastic harmonious safe and clean technologies that could harmoniously solve many of the major problems of the world and bring abundance to all. However, the elitist shadowy criminal corporatists would not tolerate this.

Our ancient Democratic Trial and Annulment by Jury Constitution was created by some of our wisest ancestors recognising common sense and established customs through the ages and were recognising and accepting written and unwritten Divine Principles and Authority of Universal Natural LawUnfortunately over the years it has been usurped by corrupt, tyrannical, devious sociopaths and imperialists.

These principles are generally accepted that they recognise the Unalienable Rights and Personal Sovereignty of all;

There has been a lot of childish, deceitful, political and emotional propaganda over the years that has been used to try to undermine the British Common Law Constitution.

Our natural and Common Law principles are supposed to be liberal with regards to allowing and promoting freedom, but are also supposed to be conservative with regards to helping to protect everyone and our environment from harm, especially from the corporate state.

Here in this embedded link, is the definition of what Democracy should really be like. 

Our Constitution had also evolved to provide a Common Law System of Service sworn by Oath by each Public Servant including our Monarch, to serve all the community of the realm fairly and lawfully at all times. 

Believe it or not, a Constitutional Monarchy is not necessarily an oxymoron.

We the people are always sovereign when we're aligned with natural Divine Common Law principles.

Our Monarch should be our Most Senior Public Servant who is responsible for upholding, protecting and promoting our Common Law Constitution and System of Service at all times. If our Monarch breaches the Common Law Oath to God and the people and fails in their duties, then they should be lawfully replaced by a newly elected Monarch that is accepted by the community of the realm, like it was done in pre-Norman times.

Parliament can never lawfully claim sovereignty, as all it is, is a building where Public Servants are supposed to carry out their public duties under their Common Law Oath of Office. Parliament and the M.P.'s and Ministers do not represent, "we the people". Political Parties only carry a mandate if they have been lawfully and fairly elected and keep to the manifesto that they were contracted to do, by, "we the people" or the participating electorate.

It should be close to or impossible to change or annul a nation's Common Law Constitution, because it has been designed and constructed to last in perpetuity with natural Divine principles of wisdom for all time. 

The Common Law Constitution is for everyone in the Community of the Realm and should be beyond the reach of Parliament, our Monarch, the Pope's and the Corporate Crown State at all times. It is supposed to be Trial and Annulment By our Peers rather than the corporate state appointed or elected 'Judges' and Magistrates.

Our Constitution has been reinstated throughout history but it is accepted that there is a Maxim in Law that the older principles and documents should carry more standing, such as Magna Carta 1215 as they have withstood the test of time.


"No One may be Imprisoned, Without a Fair Trial by a Jury of Their Peers."

"Property Must Not Be Taken From Any Owner Without Just Compensation."

A crime is to cause intentional harm to others

There must always be at least one victim

Some crimes are crimes of passion or impulse or helping to cause harm or allowing harm to be caused from negligent behaviour, ... This is often caused by people who have not yet learnt to deal with their expectations and responsibilities of life or have bottled up too much emotional energy and lose their self control. However, we are all entitled to use reasonable self defence in extreme situations and even 'theft' and 'criminal' damage if we are in life threatening situations. This is for us and reliable witnesses to explain and to present sound evidence to a Jury so they may assess all the following:

  • Motivations
  • Intentions and circumstances
  • whether there was entrapment and the level of provocation?

This would then allow the Jury to return a fair, appropriate and reliable verdict.

A Crime can also be premeditated, calculated or conspiratorial. Some of us carry unhealthy beliefs, attitudes and emotions such as grudges, cruelty, jealousy and unhealthy fears. This can make some of us over controlling, especially if our needs or desires are not being met and that we're not getting our own way. Some of us can try to hide our controlling behaviours by being deceptive, devious and manipulative. These types of behaviours, when manifesting as crimes, can be more difficult and complicated to detect and prove

We can see that devious criminals using deceptive strategies and agendas are unfortunately the ones that help run the system of unlawful governance at this present time. Governance should be a system of honest, humble public service, with separations of power, checks and balances, oaths of office, duty of care and transparent accountability with no conflicts of interest, as protections against any corruption, criminality and tyranny

Unfortunately, because of devious, power hungry, conspiratorial behaviours of selfish, egotistical or damaged 'control freaks' through secret societies, think tanks, banks and powerful lobbies, our Common Law Constitution and the system of Public Service are being currently usurped.

Therefore we have had corrupt, compromised, sociopathic, criminal 'leaders', puppets and other actors, such as Popes, Monarchs, politicians, oligarchs, technocrats and influential mind control agents, trying to rule over us all, unlawfully. 

At this time especially, we all need to know the real true Law, to help protect ourselves, our family, friends and community, including our children, the elderly, the impoverished, the sick and disabled and our property.

According to Natural and Common Law Principles - Torts of harassment include: detainment, intimidation, obstruction, assault, stalking, bullying and kidnapping. The Writ Of Habeas Corpus, Private Prosecutions and even some Statute Rules can help protect our unlienable rights and freedoms.


False Arrests and Unlawful Imprisonment -

What are Acts, Bills, UCC, Statutes, Corporations, Admiralty/Maritime 'law', Commercial Code, Directives, Legislation, Permits, Licences, Contracts, Fraud, ...?

These are encoded rules and regulations that could even be described as fake laws, imposed upon us by a few ruling and questionable individuals and their supporters, usually made by the corporate, global state or religious fictitious state; often to try to generate revenue and micromanage people and try to mislead, intimidate and coerce them to believe that it is law and that we must all contract with them and consent to and stand under them. 

Over recent years the Statute Books and the people have been weighed down by excessive amounts of unnecessary and unlawful rules and regulations, because corporate state legislators appear to have lost sight of what the original natural and Common Law principles were and still are. They use a deceptive language called Legalese and the bankers, corporate state, police and judiciary often do not even keep to their own rules such as the Bills of Exchange Act 1882.

  1. Are Promissory Debt Notes Lawful or Fraudulent?
  2. Are Crypto's lawful?
  3. Is Gold and Silver a lawful instrument for transaction exchange?
  4. Are Mortgages lawful?

The only true and lawful jurisdiction, should be the natural Divine Common Law Constitutional principles.

Are the current so called Courts of Justice really community centred Courts of Law, or fake Maritime 'Courts' of injustice and illusion, listed and operating as 'pirate ship' corporations bringing profit, business, oppression, corruption and control to the dock, with all those present, expected to rise like the dead or the tide of the sea, presenting occult theatrical performances with puppets acting as 'court' officials deceiving and scamming the public? Believe it or not, many can testify that this is true. Be careful and think it through before engaging with the current 'court' system: there are other approaches such as Notice's of Conditional Acceptance, Common Law Court and Sovereign Paralegals.

What are Contracts and Expressed or Implied/Tacit Consent?

"In order for a contract to be valid, the six principle of contract law must be met."

Basic Principles of English Contract Law.


"no taxes may be levied without the consent of representatives of those being taxed."

What is Case 'Law'?

Between 1765 and 1770 Sir William Blackstone apparently attempted to codify our Common Law and bring it more in line with the Roman Civil System. Case 'Law' may provide some useful and helpful historical Common Law Jury decisions, but a proper Common Law Jury does not need to consider, rely on and be directed by Case 'Law'.

What is the British Constitution? Know Your Real History

Answer: Natural Law Principles, Trial and Annulment by Jury, a Common Law Constitutional Monarchy and System of Service to, "we the sovereign people".

To understand the British Constitution more deeply we perhaps need to understand a little bit more about the true history of Britain.

When the Roman/Babylonian 'Deep State Empire' started to invade the British Isles, also known as Albion, from about 43AD, the land of Britain was inhabited by British tribes, clans, chieftains, kingdoms and High Kings who would have possibly used an unwritten common law constitution based on natural Divine principles. This would have made up some of the best laws that King Alfred the Great and his British advisor Asser and others, (in around 886AD to 899AD), would have gathered together, to give us the roots to the Wessex and then eventually the English Constitution and the Constitution that is now shared by the nations and principalities that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth. 

Embedded here is information about the pre-Roman British Pictish Culture.

After the Roman period the Welsh kingdoms that emerged were the ones that commanded stretches of useful lowland, especially Gwynedd in the north, Ceredigion in the south-west, Dyfed (Deheubarth) in the south and Powys in the east.

Towards the end of the 5th Century the Kingdom of Dál Riata in Ireland started to invade and occupy Northern Britain and fight the Pictish/British tribes.

'Germanic' and other tribes invaded, but were also invited to help defend Britain from other more threatening and problematic invaders.

Mercia and Wessex were two of the new and larger kingdoms that were established by the 'Germanic' tribes in Britain.

The Kingdom of Mercia began around 515AD with King ICEL (also spelt Icil).

The Kingdom of Wessex got going from about 519AD with King Cerdic.

Around 600AD the Angles, Saxons and Jutes had established themselves in Britain.

Apparently one of the last High Kings of Britain, Cadwallon ap Cadfan died in 634AD

Around 787AD Vikings/Norse began invading on a larger scale.

Could the Vikings and even the Scoti of Dál Riata have been related to the Phoenicians?

The mysterious Tribe of Dan.

The Pictish Monarchs were absorbed by the Kingdom of Alba/Scots, uniting and producing what could be described as the first Scottish/Pictish King, Kenneth MacAlpin in 843AD.

Between 886AD and 899AD King Alfred the Great worked with the 'Welsh'/Brits to help restore Common Law, peace, harmony and unity and help educate the population of Britain to read, write and know the Law with the assistance of Bishop Asser of St David's, Dyfed.

Æthelstan 924AD – 939AD became the first king of all England and temporary overlord of Britain until the Battle of Brunanburh in 937AD.

904AD - 949/50AD King Hywel the Good reigned most of Wales.

The Charter of Liberties or Coronation Oath of King Edgar 975AD.

In the name of the Holy Trinity. I promise three things to the Christian people subject to me:

Firstly, that God’s church and all the Christian people of my dominions will be held in true peace.

Secondly, I forbid robbery and all unlawful deeds by all ranks of men.

Thirdly, I promise and command justice and mercy in all judgments, in order that the gracious and merciful lord, who liveth and reigneth, may thereby forgive us all through his everlasting mercy. 

(borrowed from the website - "The History of England")

The last true English King, Harold the 2nd died in 1066AD.

When the Norman Norse invaded in 1066AD the British Isles/Albion was occupied by Norse Viking Danes, the Irish, Scoti, Germanic, British (Cymry) and Pictish tribes.

In 1215AD, Magna Carta was drawn up to help restore the Common Law Trial and Annulment by Jury and Common Law Coronation Oath.

In 1283AD the last independent Welsh kingdom, Gwynedd falls and the Norman occupiers of England gain control of the country.

In England in 1554AD, a Jury acquitted Sir Nicholas Throckmorton.

And in 1649AD and 1653AD a Jury acquited John Lilburne.

William Penn also proved Annulment by Jury in England in 1670AD.

In Scotland, in 1728AD Annulment by Jury was also proved.

Annulment by Jury is also found in Canada and the United States of America too.

The British Constitution is an ancient Common Law system of Justice used in Britain and throughout the Commonwealth. 

A properly convened Common Law Jury has the lawful sovereign duty & authority to annul any unfair, injust and unlawful statute.

The Jury should stand under the divine principles of natural and common law, judge with their conscience and reach a unanimous decision beyond reasonable doubt.

The so called 'Judge' who should really be called a Convener should  never be sponsored by the corporate state and must never withhold evidence, or lead and influence the Jury

Constitutional Crisis, Emergency and Solutions

The (UK's) European Communities Act (1972), the Treaties of Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon were also acts of treason which makes them all null and void and re-asserts the united kingdom of Great Britain's independence and sovereignty, see FCSO 30/1080 from the Public Records Office.

The Great Constitutional Security and Restoration Clause, known as Article 61 of the 1215AD Magna Carta, was lawfully invoked in 2001AD due to breaches of the ancient Coronation Oath and crimes of treason against the sovereign people and the sovereign nation of the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth, ( as reported in the Daily Telegraph and described in ) until these crimes have been addressed adequately and the Common Law Constitution is fully restored to its correct standing. 

Unfortunately this hasn't been reported widely enough to the community of the realm by the corporate state and media, so the masses, including our Police Constables, Sheriffs, judiciary, politicians, media workers, military, academics and other Civil Servants are still not adequately informed as of yet. Therefore we, that is all the people, must now become & build the Independent Truth Media Networks and help inform and wake up everyone else asap. Please join here to connect with your prefered Telegram group,

It appears that the heads of the Police, Military, Politicians, Public Servants, media, religions, corporations and banks worldwide unfortunately may still currently support the nefarious corporate banking authoritarian 5g'SMART'/DIGITAL, depopulation, track and trace surveillance agendas and AI trans-human GMO Reset and the treacherous EU Military Unification that is being secretly and treasonously pushed through.

We are all compelled by our Common Law Constitution to all effectively inform the masses asap to be aware of the Common Law Constitutional position and for all to stand under Article 61 until remedy has been obtained and our Common Law Trial and Annulment by Jury Constitution and System of Service has been fully restored.

Of course the treasonous, seditious and misinformed people within the Corporate State, the media, academia and their supporters and employees, ... would probably say differently about most if not all of this.

If encountering a Constable, with reliable witnesses present and preferably using visual and audio recording equipment to document evidence, in a friendly, humble but assertive manner, identify the constable and state to the Constable that you stand under the lawfully invoked Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 and remind the Constable that it is a crime of sedition and treason to deny the authority of the British Constitution and that you require your unalienable and constitutional rights to be respected at all times.

Our Common Law Constitution has very strong teeth. Everyone must now witness each other, inform (and record as evidence in writing) their local Police Constables and Constabularies according to Common Law, about the lawful invocation of Magna Carta's Article 61 and about the crimes of treason and sedition made against our Common Law Constitution. All public servants who do not support and stand under and protect our Common Law Constitution must now be made personally liable for these crimes.

Any of the main influencers who are trying to undermine our Common Law Constitution need to know that they can be made personally liable as a flesh and blood wo/man for sedition and treason and they can and should be put under Notice's of Treason and Liability according to Law.

We the people are now correctly and lawfully convening proper Common Law Juries in several communities across the land to hear cases of extreme corruption and criminality.

The Origins Of Trusts

Trusts can be used to help protect our belongings, .. Apparently, the basic idea of a trust emerged in the Middle Ages. Occasionally knights who had been working overseas, had discovered on their return that their stewards had been dishonourable. The knights would then only go abroad once they had made clear legal agreements or contracts to help protect all their wealth and possessions and requiring their stewards to also swear oaths of loyalty to the stewardship arrangements under threat of fire and brimstone, sometimes in the presence of sacred relics. This evolved into what is now described as Trust 'law'. A classic trust is a three-way relationship. First, there's the original Grantor of assets - in the old days a knight who bequeaths or gives assets into a trust. Second, there's the Trustee who manages those assets, usually a lawyer but in the olden days this would have been the steward or a trusted family member. The third group would comprise of the Beneficiaries, typically the knights family who would benefit from the trust assets. This would all be tied together with a trust deed, a detailed agreement which regulates who is to get what, when, how and under what conditions. This deed can be enforced in a true Court of Law. A trust isn't an entity like a company; it's a legal arrangement, more like a contract.

About the British Constitution Group

We work to challenge the constitutional change agenda - the imposition and centralisation of the banking and corporate policy through the UK government, European Union, United Nations, IMF, BIS, WTO and World Bank against the British Common Law Constitution. We do not seek to be a popularist movement and our main concern is to find the truth. Our aim is to inform and educate the media and the general public about the rights and freedoms secured by a constitution so often denied by academics and politicians.

Established in 2008, the British Constitution Group is a non-party-political organisation with members from across the social and political spectrum. We have constitutional supporters who have been active in constitutional matters going back as least as far as the 1970's. We thank and appreciate all those who have supported this campaign over the years in all sorts of ways. We remember, appreciate and respect all those that have devoted their lives to exposing the corruption and have helped to get the truth out, including David Robinson the Constitutional Messenger, Elisabeth Beckett, John Harris, Patrick Cullinane, Guy Taylor, Lance, Robert Green and all others. We also need to remember and keep fresh in our hearts, minds and prayers Melanie Shaw, David Noakes, Lyn Thyer and all other whistle-blowers and political prisoners. The BCG is a non-profit limited company, Brit Constitution Ltd, No. 06666076, registered in England in 2008.

Please become a supporter of the British Constitution Group by sharing the truth about our natural and Common Law Constitution far and wide and declare your agreement with our desire to see the people of this nation and the rest of the world reclaim their sovereignty and reject tyranny, lies, corruption and exploitation.

Please join here to connect with your prefered Telegram group,

or find your local United Kingdom, .. Group,

Join and work with us by adding your voice to our desire to see our Sovereign People's Charter and Constitutional Principles reasserted.

The New Chartist Movement

The New Chartist Movement is the BCG's primary campaign and movement to help meet everyone who is concerned about various issues and to help to inform and wake them all up and unite the masses towards the common law constitution solutions and the 7 Requirements of the Sovereign People's Charter asap. 

The New Chartist Movement possibly has all the effective, realistic and vibrant solutions to most, if not all the world's problems, with regards to the environment; solving pollution problems and environmental harm; solving crime, corruption and law and order problems; ending exploitation; ending wars; ending austerity and poverty; ending corrupt and tyrannical governance; promoting community centred real democracy; lawful banking, money and economy; natural holistic health; free energy technologies; nuclear waste and plastic pollution solutions; providing ideas for abundance and opportunities for all; ending the corporate state takeover of everything; ending harmful technologies.

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So what's this Oak Theme

all about?


It's about strength - and it has a very natural and Common Law flavour to it. Look at what the Oak has done for us through our history:


Used for our Houses

Used for our Transportation

Used for our Defence

So, in the same way the Oak has underpinned our strength and well-being in a physical sense, so we are applying the same metaphor to underpin the people's safety and strength in relation to our laws and governance.

The Oak has been the backbone of our country in generations past. Similarly, in the way Oak beams have been used to construct a strong framework for a building, so too, our Constitution has in the past, and will again, following Restoration, form the strong beams of our civilised, harmonious and happy society.




We are increasingly having to reconcile, the more we read into this material, two ideals that appear to contradict each other. It has always been the intention of the New Chartist Movement (and the British Constitution Group) to help awaken people to deliberate and intentional obfuscations that have led us to the temporary loss of our democratic constitutional state structure and the emplacement of a fraudulent money system.

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Universal Moral Law

Universal Moral Law

Society begins with its people. Human beings are real and living. They are born free. It is individual human beings that have the energy and creativity to conceive of ideas and make them happen. That is and has to be the starting point. There is a divine spark to a human being for this reason - he has the power of creativity.

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Natural Law

Natural Law

Natural Law, as a subject, is deeply hidden or occulted - very deliberately. It is the hiding of this material that gives those in control an advantage over the 99%.

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Human Brain Condition

Human Brain Condition

It is only possible to live in alignment with the universe's laws when we employ a balance of left and right brain function...

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Truth Discovery

Truth Discovery

It is up to us to discover this truth and that requires brain balance (as already mentioned) and a deep introspective and self-examining process...

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The People and the Formation of their Government

The People and the Formation of their Government

People exist before government. It is understood and recognised all through our history of law in the UK (and in the US) that people form their government to serve them...

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'Government' Structure

'Government' Structure

Our government consists of officers that must take oaths, precisely because they are public servants. They are not the ultimate authority...

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'Government'-created 'law': Legislation

'Government'-created 'law': Legislation

The head of state's obligation to uphold the Rule of Law was already established through the Common Law principles that are built into the 1215 Magna Carta...

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Trial by Jury

Trial by Jury

We said at the beginning that a society governs through its laws. The ultimate control is through punishment...

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Common Law Constitutional Emergency

Common Law Constitutional Emergency

Important - All who Dwell And Work In the British Commonwealth - The British and English Constitution is currently in a state of Constitutional Emergency - Magna Carta Article 61 Lawfully Invoked From 2001.

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August 2018 - The Great Deception begins!

August 2018 - The Great Deception begins!

Unless we can wake people up quickly to what's really going on, and then to come together to peacefully confront the perpetrators, we're finished as a sovereign nation and as a free and lawful country.

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The Rule of Law – “be ye ever so high, the law is above you…” - by Paul Gregory

The Rule of Law – “be ye ever so high, the law is above you…” - by Paul Gregory

We all have to obey the Rule of Law – that is confirmed by the Lord Chancellor (Michael Gove, 2015), the Attorney General and Prime Ministers.

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The Tragedy and Treason of the 1689 'Bill of Rights' - by Kenn d'Oudney

The Tragedy and Treason of the 1689 'Bill of Rights' - by Kenn d'Oudney

Flaws of the 1689 Bill of Rights revealed: The Bill is unconstitutional, repugnant and void

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Bankers, Bradburys, Carnage And Slaughter On The Western Front: - by Justin Walker

Bankers, Bradburys, Carnage And Slaughter On The Western Front: - by Justin Walker

Bankers, Bradburys, Carnage And Slaughter On The Western Front by Justin Walker

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Democracy IS to be Trusted After-All: - by William Keyte

Democracy IS to be Trusted After-All: - by William Keyte

Understand the deceptions at play behind the word 'Democracy'

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The Bradbury to the Rescue! - By Justin Walker

The Bradbury to the Rescue! - By Justin Walker

If a sudden financial collapse happens today… The Chancellor must immediately trigger an electronic version of the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound and so ensure a prosperous, debt-free and taxation-free future for us all!

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That 'Magic Money Tree' Exists! - by Justin Walker

That 'Magic Money Tree' Exists! - by Justin Walker

That ‘Magic Money Tree’ exists! Restoring a proven and historical precedent to make Britain prosperous, austerity-free and almost tax-free!

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Very eye-opening talks at a Recent New Chartist Movement Event

Very eye-opening talks at a Recent New Chartist Movement Event

Very revealing information about the fraud and deception so prevalent in society’s main-stream channels of information. WARNING: Quite shocking for people who are new to this material

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Our Sovereignty by John Bingley and Lord James of Blackheath CBE

Our Sovereignty by John Bingley and Lord James of Blackheath CBE

John Bingley and Lord James of Blackheath investigate the Importance and relevance of the 1688 English Declaration of Rights.

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Campaign Materials

Feel free to upload, copy, print and distribute these leaflets far and wide.

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Members of the British Constitution Group, please support the excellent work going on at the Democracy Defined Campaign.

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KENNETH JOHNS, Amazon reviewer.

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...then you are very naughty. If you are interested in the British Constitution and Common Law, then you should buy a copy of this book - and we're assuming that you are interested because otherwise you wouldn't be here.

New Edition Details:

Kenn and Astra have informed us that there is a lot of new material in the new edition. Specifically, there is a new addendum, commentary, Notes, Index and Bibliography with Anecdotes. This is obviously important; Kenn has added the tools to allow us to make references quickly and to provide the sources more easily giving our referencing of this material greater gravitas.

Please, please, get yourself a copy. It is the best way of becoming familiar with this most important subject.

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The Democracy Defined Educational Campaign for the

Restoration of the Constitutional Rule of Law

Read the single page flyer for their Educational Campaign for the Restoration Amendment.

  1. Rule of Law: Learn about Equity. The 1215 Great Charter explicitly removes “immunity from prosecution” from those who form or work for our administration (‘government’), rendering them equally liable to be arraigned cost-free by single or multiple private plaintiffs at Trial by Jury, for their Crimes
  2. Sovereignty and Annulment by Jury: The hidden magic mechanism - judging the justice of the law itself
  3. The Eternal Criterion of Justice: The justice and enforcement of laws are judged by ordinary people as randomly selected jurors in Trial by Jury; not by judges and the employees of government
  4. Liberty, Equal Justice and the Power to Punish: Magna Carta Articles 20, 21 & 39 - the Jurors have all duty and power. The power to punish is removed from government and justices and given to the people through Trial by Jury
  5. No Personal Taxation - The Constitution's Fiscal Measures (Articles 10 & 11): The Common Law forbids crimes of Usury (taxation to repay interest/capital to private banks), Fractional Reserve lending and more. Common Law requires the issuance of interest-free currency from the Treasury

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