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Update on Roger Hayes Imprisonment

The facts of Roger's committal to prison are slowly emerging. It seems that on Tuesday 26 June 2012 a Committal Hearing took place at which Wirral Council state that Roger failed to appear.

As a result the Judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest, and Roger was arrested yesterday morning. The Council spokesman either did not know or refused to name the Judge.

Following his arrest Roger was brought before a Magistrate and sentenced to 21 days. The Council spokesman either did not know or refused to name the Magistrate, and was unable to say how much, if any, notice of either hearing was given to the General Public.

At this point we would like to make a correction to our initial press release, and that is:

Roger Hayes "WITHELD" his Council Tax rather than "refused to pay" as we reported. This has important implications in his legal case.

The most important fact in Roger's arrest, trial and imprisonment is that nobody knows the detail of what happened to him. What were the names and numbers of the police officers? What was the Court? What was the number of the case? Who was the Magistrate or Judge? Were any public present to see justice being done?

Roger was arrested at home and 9 hours later he was in prison, on the decision of one Magistrate. This must be yet another very dangerous example of the rise of the 'secret' courts and 'secret justice' - Kenneth Clarke MP is still pushing for yet more Courts without Juries.

Calls to the police and Liverpool prison where he is being held, have all been met with a wall of silence under the 'we can't say' and 'data protection'. We can see from this how yet more secrecy is introduced to keep the public interest at bay.

It is understood that the police have received many calls - one member of the public had the phone slammed down on him when he mentioned Roger's name.

Roger's family have also been refused direct information and access to him. They have now started the paperwork trail for formal permission to visit.

A former police officer has kindly made a number of pertinent points which we are happy to publish.

He was informed us that the prison would not confirm that Roger was with them for "security reasons". They referred him to the "Prisoner Location Service" on 0121 626 2773 - they would not accept verbal requests. Merseyside Police switchboard are also referring calls about Roger to the Council. This appears a highly dubious practice at law.

He states - "Because I wanted to make complaints I was put through to the police control room. The drill is for complaints to be recorded and then passed to an Inspector who will contact the complainant within 24 hours. My initial complaints are:

1. Was anyone informed of Rogers arrest? The contingency plan was for him to get a message to me. Note that the prisoner does not get to make a phone call himself. This is a precaution against prisoners passing coded messages to their associates outside.

2. Merseyside police, according to various sources on the Internet, are claiming that "Data Protection" forbids them to confirm Rogers whereabouts. This appears highly dubious practice because a "Regulation" cannot be held to repeal or infringe a Common Law right.

3. Passing complaints about police actions to the Council is a breach of the Police Discipline Regulations and of confidentiality for the individuals who are being complained about. I believe the Police Federation will not like this abuse of process."

The UK Column is delighted to report that the story of Roger Hayes has gone UK and world wide. Many are asking us what can they do? Our first answer is to spread the word, highlighting the the seriousness of the secrecy and lack of transparency in the whole process. As an example another member of the public has asked these excellent questions:

"Was there a signed warrant (wet signature) and who authorised it if so:

- Was there any forced entry to the house and/or damage.

- Did the warrant remain at the house.

- Did they search the house. Did they take anything away, i.e. computer, files, phones, router etc.

- Did they leave an inventory at the house Were there any witnesses to the arrest.

- Was any force used on Roger, or anyone else in the house.

- Was he handcuffed. Was there any explanation to anyone else in the house. Is there any idea of the charge. Were the arresting officers 'sworn police officers,

- PCSO's, from another 'agency' with powers of arrest or privates, or a mixture.

- Did anyone get their names or collar numbers.

- Did anyone get the name of the Prison Officer who called. If anyone could collate that, am sure his lawyers  (or others) will want it, plus, it would provide good info for a follow up article"

Please ring the authorities yourself to hear their answers first hand. Every call is a point of support for Roger and shows the authorities the overwhelming public interest in the case. Please also write and ask for information and answers from Wirral Council and other authorities. As always be polite and measured in your calls and requests for information - unfortunately the authorities may not treat you with the same respect. As soon as we have more information we will post it. For those that want to write to Roger we will post his Prison Number as soon as we have it.

Merseyside Police Tel: 101 local or +44 (0)151 709 6010 in UK.

Liverpool Prison Tel: +44 (0)151 530 4000

Crimestoppers (UK only) Tel: 0800 555 111


If you would like to write to Roger with your support, you can write to him at:

HMP Liverpool, 68 Hornby Road Liverpool L9 3DF

His prisoner number is: A8953CP


There will be a special UK Column Live broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday, 4th July at 12PM BST:

Audio stream on TNS Radio
Video stream on UK Column


'Magna Carta' Clearly this will take time and effort by the People.
But in the meantime maybe the British constitution group could Issue a 'Gold Plate'
List of all the law breakers in question that are not only breaking the laws and cheating the people of the United Kingdom but are also committing treason, including Judges and magistrates in our courts...They should be named and shamed and we should turn the tables on these traitors and use the same intimidation tactics that they use on us.If we lawfully hounded these people to step down with similar threats that they use on the law abiding people.Their hiding days should be numbered and maybe its time for them to be put under any pressure we can think of. After we enforce the Law of the people for the people through 'Lawful Rebellion' then all these traitors should then after being found guilty of crimes be stripped of all assets that they have gained through fraud and perjury. It is now the responsibility for all of the people to act before its too late.

Roger Hayes latest 11 am Monday 09 July 2012

Its fear all right but its coming from them. I think this will serve as a vaulable pointer to what is really going on within our so called, "democratic society", and simply underlines the fact that we don't really live in a democracy; just the illusion of one.

However, I do think that Roger -as Brian Gerrish once said- has been "taken off the street" not because of so-called Council Tax issues but because of what is going on with the current, Barclays Bank scandals. And because the public mood at the moment is somewhat thunderous regarding banking practices, and the very last thing they want is an intelligent and informed individual pointing out a far, far better way.

At the Stone Edge meeting near Chesterfield earlier this spring, I asked Roger if he thought something like this might happen, and he just nodded wisely and said, "probably".

I wouldnt bother ringing the authorities for any kind of info, but just spread the word, and remember, the worm will very definately turn! "we are many, they are few" its what "they" fear the most.

Possibly the reason why individuals would rather phone instead of writing on the website is because of the shock of hearing what has happened, largely due to the way it was initially reported. This scaremongering does not work, it really does "scare" people and, instead of uniting people into just honourable causes it sends them into flight, which is what appears to have happened here.

Having now learned that the truth is because Roger Hayes fell "into dishonour" by not attending to represent his legal fiction, it does not feel so bad and feels that something could have been done to prevent said occurence. Roger Hayes, of all people, should have known about the dishonour principle.

The question people should be asking is how does a representative for a legal fiction end up in prison in the first place. At best, the birth cert should be locked up. Methinks not enough had been done by hayes re his statement of claim and assertion of common law right - or maybe he had filed all the documents - question then would be why have the courts not respected the common law rights assertion and acted accordingly.

What is concerning would be the fact that court documents not received (for whatever reason, fair or foul) are considered validly served once posted. ALL COURT DOCUMENTS SHOULD REQUIRE THE SIGNATURE OF THE RECIPIENT. In this vein maybe hayes was not aware of the service of notice for the hearing he did not attend - it would most certainly have been foolhardy for him to ignore it, which I find difficulty in believeing that he did, given his knowledge.

Thus, the bigger picture of what has happened to hayes should actually concern us all - is there any merit in the legal fiction argument and are there actually ANY common law rights; also, can the advancement and apparently swift imposition and cementation of a commercial statute legal system nullify and make exempt all the common law rights thought to be possible?

Matrix - I think we need to fully understand from Roger himself what happened and what he did or did not do or was aware of before we make any statements about the case.
However my view is that although we try and use the Common Law approach when dealing with "authority" and the strawman position as regards the birth certificate, when you are physically picked up by several Policemen at your home and forceably removed, taken into a court then to prison without being able to fight the case against you there is very little you can do to stop this at the time. BUT if they have not used their own "rules" in dealing with Roger then I'm sure he will be raising this with them!! In the meantime we must ALL continue to use lawful rebellion in what ever way we can or feel is appropriate for us and fight against this evil tyranny.
There are in fact Common Law rights - the problem is that not many people are aware of them and use them...instead they bow down to the statues and acts. This is why we need to spread the word on this subject so more people use these rights and we get a proper JUSTICE system, which is sadly not what we have at the moment. What we have is a corrupt commercial court system based on contracts, statues and acts.

Going through the Winston Shrout lectures, and applying it to this instance, Roger must deliver an apology to the commercial court to secure release., It may be simply that he did not undertake an oath when waiving the "benefit" of prison, as that is the rule.

Whilst we operate under common law, we still have to play by the rules of a commercial cout when in a commercial court, and understanding where we "fit in" as human beings is paramount to how we operate in statute.

By that, my comprehension (notice, not "understanding") is that by operating with the strawman principle in a commercial court will secure non waiver of rights as a human being.

thats just it, it is NOT a court ! the council hire the building!

I find it ironic that the original "starred" ceiling of the star chamber court in Westminster was, in 1806, brought to Leasowe Castle on the Wirral Peninsula in Cheshire. Roger Hayes is in Wirral.